When a Child Is Diagnosed with Cancer, What To Do?


When a Child Is Diagnosed with Cancer, What To Do?

It was like being struck by lightning during the day when I heard the doctor’s diagnosis of the test that the baby must bear. Especially if the test is a disease that needs extra care. Do not panic, stay patient and try. Also, make sure you follow all the medical advice for the child’s treatment process

What is clear according to the same doctor, that’s it, "" said Dr. Edi Setiawan Tehuteru, SpA, MHA, IBCLC, when found detikHealth, Tuesday (4/7/2017), in the launching book ‘Nama Tengahku Phoenix’ at Graha Niaga Building Thamrin, Jakarta.When a child is suspected of getting cancer, he will pass the first three stages first. First, the doctor will make a diagnostic effort to find out the type of cancer that attacks the child.

"If you have a solid tumor should be biopsied, if the leukemia was, we should take aspirations of bone marrow," "explained the doctor who joined the Association of Doctors Indonesian children. The second stage is to determine the stage. Will follow up further inspection whether by way of photographed or by other means

Whether photographed or taken bone marrow again, depending on the spread of each cancer because the cancer is spreading between 2-3 types of cancer it all kinds of, "" jelasnya.Jika already known the type and stage of cancer in children, the determination of the process new treatments will be undertaken. During this treatment process, many children who successfully passed it and declared cured. Therefore, keep the spirit in accompanying the child ya.Baca Also: Exclamation When Children’s Cancer Dangers Campaigned Through Entertainment

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