Eating Meat Can Make Cancer Add Too Late, Really?

Eating Meat Can Make Cancer Add Too Late, Really?

Cancer is a kind of disease is quite deadly. But through a variety of treatments as well as applying a healthy lifestyle, can cancer dijamakkan.Benarkah often eat less healthy foods, such as meat and sea food can make cancer more lethal? Based on research conducted at Cambridge University stated that eating foods containing asparagin, including beef and poultry can make cancer worse and help spread throughout the body.

The study, conducted by testing it with mice by cutting or reducing asparagin intake in the diet, reduces cancer’s ability to spread. Also read: Foods Causes Cancer to Avoid The researchers said in a study published in Nature that cancer patients should avoid foods containing high asparagin. Because most cancer patients die because their cancer cells have spread to the lungs, bones, brain, and other organs

These findings add important information to our understanding of how we can stop the spread of cancer, which is the main reason patients die from their disease, "said lead researcher Prof. Greg Hannon, as quoted from the New York Post. But Martin Ledwick of Cancer Research UK argued differently from the results of the study. According to him there is no evidence that limiting certain foods can help fight cancer

It is important for patients to talk to their physician before making changes to their diet while undergoing treatment, "" suggests. Reducing asparagin intake in mice can reduce the spread of cancer cells. But can not kill the stem cell. Researchers will eventually develop to test on humans to know its effectiveness. Read also: Have Colon Cancer Risk? This Food Can Be The Antidote

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