Experiments: Peeling Hoax ‘Cancer Cuts’ That Away from Garlic


Experiments: Peeling Hoax ‘Cancer Cuts’ That Away from Garlic

Some time ago, a video had a scene in social media networking. The video features a flabby black object that moves away when approached by garlic. That said, it is a ‘cut of cancer surgery results’ that remain alive outside the body. A number of cancer experts questioned the information that accompanied the video. Dr. Fielda Djuita SpRad (K) Onk.Rad, from RS Cipto Mangunkusumo call it unreasonable. According to him, each type of cancer has its own properties so that the drug is also different

But I do not think it makes sense, one type of cancer with other cancers are different in nature. If so, just put a lot of garlic in our bodies, "" said Dr. Fielda, in an interview with detikHealth some time ago.

Dr. Sonar Soni Panegoro, SpB (K) Onk from Dharmais Cancer Hospital more firmly call the video as a hoax. Any cell, according to him can not live when outside the human body, unless it is cultured or cultured in certain media

It is impossible to move like that. Then the live cancer cell is white gray sometimes red. The blackened skin cancer melanoma, "" explains Dr. Sonar. Also read: The Video ‘Cut Cancer’ Away From Garlic, This Doctor’s Word Then what objects are moving in the video? Can not be ascertained without direct examination. However, from the form of a soft or semisolid, and the color is blackish, then the closest is ferrofluid or ferromagnetic fluid. The detikHealth team tries to prove its resemblance. The first step is to make slime (soft-textured children’s toys) from wood glue, with liquid soap as surfactant (surface active agent) so that its form can not be hardened quickly. Deliberately made softer to be more easily observed the movement. These experiments use glue and liquid soap as the raw material. Photo: Uyung / detikHealth Next is to add ferro or iron into it. The detikHealth team uses a black laser printer toner whose content is dominated by iron filings. The powder is mixed into slime until homogeneous. In order to move when there is a magnetic field, the slime is filled with iron filings. Photo: Uyung / detikHealthAgar ‘slime iron’ can move, detikHealth using neodymium metal (Nd). It is a metal that has a very strong magnetic field. This magnet will move the flabby slime that has been filled with iron filings. Slime iron will move closer when faced with the opposite magnetic pole, and away from the poles of the same type. This neodinium magnet can pull the metal very strongly. Photo: Uyung / detikHealthRead also: Video ‘Cancer Cuts’ Stay Away Onion, Doctor Called Not Logical. To make it seem ‘live’ then the magnet needs to be hidden, and in this experiment detikHealth put it in the fold of the banknote. Check out the results here:

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