Cleanser Stains Suspected Coffee, Seniors Dementia Kills Poisoned

efek samping smart detox Jakarta, an elderly couple in Hartlepool, Britain poisoning stain cleaning agents, one of which was killed. By the victim, chemical powder was allegedly coffee then brewed and drunk. John Guttridge (83) is known to suffer from dementia or senile naturally poisoned along with his wife, Anne (79).

Both are sick a few minutes after drinking the drink he made, then immediately rushed to the hospital. Anne called retired doctor better after treatment, but her poor husband is not helped. This tragic moment took place on July 15, 2015, when Anne went upstairs to her residence. “” He (Guttridge) said it would also make coffee for us, “” said Anne, taken from Dailymail, Friday (28/08/2015). Also read: Do Not Be Sick, Follow These 5 Healthy Coffee Guides Time Down, Anne feels her husband is coughing. Anne thought her husband was choking on a biscuit.

But Anne was prejudiced after she tasted the coffee her husband had made, and felt it felt strange. Not long, Anne remembered that she had placed a stain of cleaning powder near her by putting the coffee. He took the chemical powder package, then read the guide when poisoning takes place. In accordance with the guide, he immediately contacted the doctor to seek help. So first aid, Anne never give water and milk to neutralize toxins. But it was too late, both of them were worse. Visum results show, Guttridge natural gastritis or gastric inflammation due to carbonate irritation as well as sodium percarbonate. Also read: Reaction Agency Time Stop Drinking Coffee (up / up)