Want Healthy? Stop Consuming These 5 Foods Start Now

harga.trulum Jakarta For a healthy life one can diet and consume calorie consumption. With the change of lifestyle will make life a healthier and happier. Nutritionist from Spire Bristol Hospital and Vavista. com, Faith Toogood, recommends the time you quit these five foods from today to healthy as written FemaleFirst, Friday (11/4/2014):

1. SugarThe sweet thing to be the number one enemy when wanting to lose weight. Most recent research shows that consuming excessive sugar plays a role in the obesity epidemic. On average, a 2 x sugar feeder is more than it should be. For those of you who live sedentary life and work at the table, eating too much sugar can quickly switch to fat because it causes the release of insulin, which in turn encourages growth to put the benefits of fat-shaped power. Try choosing low-sugar alternatives and get used to reading the food labels you buy. If sugar is on the top three list, do not buy it. Foods that contain hidden sugars such as cereals, fruit flavored yogurts, including low-fat, fast food, soft drinks, and packet sauces.

2. Trans fats Trans fat is not tired who behave like fat bored because of the chemical arrangement. This should be shunned because trans fat increases the ugly cholesterol content in your blood which also lowers cholesterol both in the blood. This fat is often found in some margarine and oil. So always check the food label as well as select a non-bored double and not bored single as change.

3. Processed Meat This includes meat that has a thing that makes it last longer (through salting, curing or chemical preservatives). This meat is bad for health because of high fat, calories, and salt, and is associated with cancer because of chemicals and nitrate used to preserve meat. Th. then, a study of 1/2 million adults in all Europe linked very much to processed meat with early death. Try to reduce it by introducing meat-free days. Always read the label when buying food.

4. Fast food Fast food generally has a lot of salt and sugar. The most popular choices are lasagna and kare because they have a few large fat content bored. Instead of choosing fast food, try simple foods that are easy to make and do not consume any longer. Make more of what you need everyday and then freeze the food for another day when you want something quick and easy.

5. Low-fat foods For years people think that low-fat food choices are good for us, but that’s not always the case. Low-fat yogurt is a good example. Although fat-free, they have an increasing amount of sugar.