8 Weird Steps Weight Loss

cara minum.kopi hijau┬áJakarta You may be tired of hearing, ‘if you want to lose weight, eat a small amount’. But do you know if there are ways that include strange but also efficient to lose weight?
Written from Popsugar on Wednesday (30/11/2016), below these eight strange steps:

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1. Eat a bit of chocolate
If you like chocolate and love the food, in fact this kind of thing will curb your desire to eat later. But surely not by consuming a full pack of chocolates, you can mix some chocolate on oat cereal or eat a homemade almond chocolate bar protein.
Getting a little sweet taste through a healthy way, will divert your mind from the cravings of food.
2. Eat with large chunks
When eating salads, fruit, or vegetables, try eating with large chunks. This kind of thing is not just going to make it easier for you to prepare it, but it will make you eat less. Why is that? Because this would fool the brain to think that on the plate there are some foods, to feel like they have eaten a lot.
3. Use cash money
Buy food with cash instead of using a credit card, will make you more aware about the amount of money you need. Until you probably will not often consume junk food or buy other foods if not so need it.
4. Drinking warm water
Instead of drinking cold water, research shows that drinking one glass of warm water before eating will make your stomach feel full faster, so you will eat less and weight can also go down.
5. Photo your food
Writing down every meal and snack you’ve eaten is an efficient step to monitor your daily caloric intake, but sometimes you forget how much you’ve eaten. Add a good try to take a photo of everything you eat during the day, so you can accurately calculate all the calories consumed during the night.
6. Place a mirror
Hanging or putting a mirror that meets the dining table will make you see the reflection of yourself while you are eating. This kind of research can avoid you eat too much because you are more aware of what foods have been consumed.
7. Light the vanilla scent candle
Vanilla aroma has a calming effect on the brain and can help satisfy the craving for food.
8. Make the light so dim
Just as music can have a soothing effect, the fact that dimming the lights can also have the same effect. Research shows you are more enjoying the food and eating less when the room is in poor condition. So try to organize your dining room by placing crops, tablecloths, paintings, turn on classic music, and dim the lights, this will help you to eat less until your weight can go down.