Want Healthy? Stop Consuming These 5 Foods Start Now

harga.trulum Jakarta For a healthy life one can diet and consume calorie consumption. With the change of lifestyle will make life a healthier and happier. Nutritionist from Spire Bristol Hospital and Vavista. com, Faith Toogood, recommends the time you quit these five foods from today to healthy as written FemaleFirst, Friday (11/4/2014):

1. SugarThe sweet thing to be the number one enemy when wanting to lose weight. Most recent research shows that consuming excessive sugar plays a role in the obesity epidemic. On average, a 2 x sugar feeder is more than it should be. For those of you who live sedentary life and work at the table, eating too much sugar can quickly switch to fat because it causes the release of insulin, which in turn encourages growth to put the benefits of fat-shaped power. Try choosing low-sugar alternatives and get used to reading the food labels you buy. If sugar is on the top three list, do not buy it. Foods that contain hidden sugars such as cereals, fruit flavored yogurts, including low-fat, fast food, soft drinks, and packet sauces.

2. Trans fats Trans fat is not tired who behave like fat bored because of the chemical arrangement. This should be shunned because trans fat increases the ugly cholesterol content in your blood which also lowers cholesterol both in the blood. This fat is often found in some margarine and oil. So always check the food label as well as select a non-bored double and not bored single as change.

3. Processed Meat This includes meat that has a thing that makes it last longer (through salting, curing or chemical preservatives). This meat is bad for health because of high fat, calories, and salt, and is associated with cancer because of chemicals and nitrate used to preserve meat. Th. then, a study of 1/2 million adults in all Europe linked very much to processed meat with early death. Try to reduce it by introducing meat-free days. Always read the label when buying food.

4. Fast food Fast food generally has a lot of salt and sugar. The most popular choices are lasagna and kare because they have a few large fat content bored. Instead of choosing fast food, try simple foods that are easy to make and do not consume any longer. Make more of what you need everyday and then freeze the food for another day when you want something quick and easy.

5. Low-fat foods For years people think that low-fat food choices are good for us, but that’s not always the case. Low-fat yogurt is a good example. Although fat-free, they have an increasing amount of sugar.

8 Weird Steps Weight Loss

cara minum.kopi hijau Jakarta You may be tired of hearing, ‘if you want to lose weight, eat a small amount’. But do you know if there are ways that include strange but also efficient to lose weight?
Written from Popsugar on Wednesday (30/11/2016), below these eight strange steps:

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1. Eat a bit of chocolate
If you like chocolate and love the food, in fact this kind of thing will curb your desire to eat later. But surely not by consuming a full pack of chocolates, you can mix some chocolate on oat cereal or eat a homemade almond chocolate bar protein.
Getting a little sweet taste through a healthy way, will divert your mind from the cravings of food.
2. Eat with large chunks
When eating salads, fruit, or vegetables, try eating with large chunks. This kind of thing is not just going to make it easier for you to prepare it, but it will make you eat less. Why is that? Because this would fool the brain to think that on the plate there are some foods, to feel like they have eaten a lot.
3. Use cash money
Buy food with cash instead of using a credit card, will make you more aware about the amount of money you need. Until you probably will not often consume junk food or buy other foods if not so need it.
4. Drinking warm water
Instead of drinking cold water, research shows that drinking one glass of warm water before eating will make your stomach feel full faster, so you will eat less and weight can also go down.
5. Photo your food
Writing down every meal and snack you’ve eaten is an efficient step to monitor your daily caloric intake, but sometimes you forget how much you’ve eaten. Add a good try to take a photo of everything you eat during the day, so you can accurately calculate all the calories consumed during the night.
6. Place a mirror
Hanging or putting a mirror that meets the dining table will make you see the reflection of yourself while you are eating. This kind of research can avoid you eat too much because you are more aware of what foods have been consumed.
7. Light the vanilla scent candle
Vanilla aroma has a calming effect on the brain and can help satisfy the craving for food.
8. Make the light so dim
Just as music can have a soothing effect, the fact that dimming the lights can also have the same effect. Research shows you are more enjoying the food and eating less when the room is in poor condition. So try to organize your dining room by placing crops, tablecloths, paintings, turn on classic music, and dim the lights, this will help you to eat less until your weight can go down.

Narasi Menkes Tilapia Problems of Mashed Beans, Coffee and Hypertension

paket full pack smart detox Sidikalang, Health Minister Prof. Nila Moeloek’s working visit to North Sumatra was colored with interesting narration. One of them is a link to the mashed potato, coffee sidikalang and its relationship to hypertension disease. In a dinner event at the title in the Hall of Sidikalang Regent, Nila Menkes mentions that mashed sweet potatoes are one of his favorite foods, while the reputation of Sidikalang coffee is one of the best coffee even the world has also realized.

But behind all the fun, there is the danger of not spreading diseases that lurk. One of them is hypertension or high blood pressure. This one disease is often said to be a silent killer because it can lead to stroke and the consequence of death. Also read: This is the Disease Most Faced by Indonesian Community “” Except for mashed potatoes and coffee, there is still one more durian Medan that is delicious. But be careful yes bebrapa father and mother-mother.

The good that can cause disease does not spread, such as hypertension. Hypertension can lead to stroke and death. We certainly do not want Indonesia to be the country with the highest death rate due to stroke in the world, because the food is good, “” said Nila Menkes while joking, in Sidikalang, Dairi regency, North Sumatra, Friday (12/06/2015) night. The danger of disease does not spread not only to itself, but also has an influence on the state. In the period of National Health Insurance (JKN), the disease does not spread to the type of disease that cost the highest expenditure. Hypertension, stroke, heart disease, cancer and diabetes are the most common non-spread diseases. Within a year of JKN’s journey, the following diseases are absorbing the highest cost. “” We shout if people do not protect health, we lose ourselves.

Our prayer is to protect the health of people, one of them by improving the quality of primary services, “” he said. Therefore the Ministry of Health’s roadmap to improve the quality of primary services such as health centers and public clinics according to him should be supported. Primary Faskes have a responsibility to protect people’s health and do early detection. The earlier the disease is found, so the chances of recovery are also greater. “” Our goal is only 10-15% of people who are sick, while 85 percent of the percentage remains healthy and productive. If healthy people are getting more and more, surely some problems like full hospital and others will not last, “” he said. Also read: Limit Consuming Sugar, Salt, and Fat with the formula ‘G4G1L5’ (mrs / lll)

Reduce Drinking Coffee When Want To Join Baby Tuber Program

trulum synergy Jakarta, Coffee will also be so healthy when taken when the right, with a size that is not too excessive. Drinking coffee very much when doing tube baby program can reduce the chances of success of assisted fertilization system. Even also according to some experts, the impact of coffee is very much time to do baby tube program as bad as the routine of smoking. Both of them can cause the same system of conception or embryo planting into the natural uterus of failure.

Not yet in the know of why coffee can cause such a bad impact on the success of the IVF program. Suspicion that the content of caffeine is the trigger is also still doubtful until now because the same impact is not found in caffeinated beverages. “If we believe that caffeine is causing the damage, so should we also say tea,” “said Dr. Ulrik Kesmodel from Aarhus University Hospital who did the research as taken from the Telegraph, Thursday (07/05/2012). In research conducted by Dr. Kesmodel, 5% of the approximately 4 000 women surveyed admitted the general consumption of coffee to 5 cups / day.

Although actually according to Dr. Kesmodel, safe limit for those who want to do the IVF program is 5 cups only. In th. 2008, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) says that pregnant women are advised not to consume caffeine more than 200 mg / day. More than that size, so the risk of miscarriage as well as babies born with low body weight will also increase. However, in a suitable size the coffee is still believed to provide many benefits for health. Unless it has anti-oxidant properties that can fight cancer, coffee also has a specific compound content that can avoid senile when entering the elderly. (up / ir)